Join Miss 16bit on her mission and beat the obstacles in her way

Hello everybody,
Miss 16bit
game character!
She never misses a call to adventure.
she never misses the chance to stand up for the good. Never misses an opportunity to learn and grow.
She’s on the mission to make the world a better place. How? By chasing and fighting Disconnectors – the unconscious biases that cloud our judgement and prevent us from achieving our professional goals.
Are you ready to help Miss 16bit on her path?
Let’s go!
truly exist.
They may be invisible, But if we don’t watch out, they mess with our heads and careers. These evil little creatures sneak into our minds, influence our decisions and transform into our own thoughts and fears. Fear of failure. Fear of being not enough. Fear of being too young. Or too old.

They hide behind insecurities, stereotypes and unconscious biasES and influence the way we see and treat other people. But they can be fought when we detect them early.

Ceillingus Glass

it creates a barrier between you and your dreams. It’s time to break it!


this one is particularly nasty because it poisons your thoughts with doubts. Don’t even think about it, you beast!


it steals your courage and blocks you in your quest for excellence. Strike first!


the one that keeps telling you that your brain capacity is not right for IT. It’s time to shush it!


a strong one, it makes you feel like a fraud and lets you doubt your skills and accomplishments. Don’t let it steer you!

Decision Freezer

it stops you from acting because you feel overwhelmed with the responsibility.


it fools you to see mistakes in other people and not in yourself.


it keeps you from interacting with people who are not part of your peer group.


this nasty one distorts your memory and sugarcoats past events, making it impossible to get unbiased facts 
out of it.


it stops you from trusting in yourself and following our dreams, because you fear you are not worth it.


it captures all those “you are too emotional to become an employee” convictions. Don’t let it affect you any longer!


when the opinion of the majority affects yours, and your decision-making.
These disconnectors don’t only appear in games, we face them in real life too. One of the first steps to stop biasing is to recognize that implicit biases exist and to reflect the way we make decisions in our workplace and in private life.

At Deutsche Telekom it is our mission to build strong connections between people inside and outside our company. We stand together for diversity and inclusion and take responsibility for a more sustainable future. We empower our employees to question the status quo and to fulfill their ambitions in an environment that fosters growth, exchange and work autonomy.
Everyone has a disconnector who whispers demotivating words in their ears.

But together, we can silence it and focus on the fun of creating the future.
working At
Deutsche Telekom
Your career at Deutsche Telekom
we ARE
We are the most valuable telecommunications brand in Europe, but that doesn't mean that we will stop here. Our world is ever evolving and so are we.

For that, we need IT and tech experts who dare to go to the next level with us, who are not afraid to ask questions, and who believe technology can help us create a better tomorrow.

As an employer we give you a platform to learn and grow, to fulfill your ambitions, and to catalyze lasting change in the fields of AI, cloud, IoT, IT security, and more.
If you meet our beloved, brave Miss 16bit,
you can not miss...
You could say he's Miss 16bit's 8-bit big brother. We created him to introduce players/candidates to the world of Deutsche Telekom a couple of years ago.

He didn't have the most straightforward task. We made his life as difficult as possible, to show at the same time that anyone can boldly chart his own path while having fun.
See for yourself how we played it out!